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Dairy Free Cakes

These dairy free cake recipes have everything you need for your special occasions.  These cakes are perfect for birthdays and so easy to make!

Three chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting on a white marble counter

Dairy Free Chocolate Cupcakes

These dairy free chocolate cupcakes are made without milk or butter. Believe it or not, that is what makes these cupcakes incredibly moist and rich. What I love about cupcakes is the same thing I love about muffins is that they are made in serving sizes. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate cake, but …

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a slice of chocolate cake with a whole chocolate cake in the background

Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

This dairy free chocolate cake is made with oil it’s amazingly moist. This one bowl fairy free cake recipe couldn’t be easier. Serve as a dessert or as a birthday cake. Chocolate cake is an essential part of baking in the United States and has been for well over a century.  I cannot remember the …

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Fudge brownies stacked on a cooling rack

Fudge Brownies with Oil

Fudge brownies are made with oil and without butter making them extra fudgy and have a richer chocolate flavor. This one-bowl, no-melted-chocolate-needed, cocoa-only recipe couldn’t be easier! Generally I’m not a big fan of fudge brownies, or at least not the type that is so dense it feels like you’re almost biting in to a …

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four dairy free lemon bars piled on a plate

Dairy Free Lemon Bars

Dairy free lemon bars are a sunshiny dessert.  They have a tasty shortbread bottom and a bright custard filling.  This dessert is easy to make, but never fails to impress. My family moved to Israel five months after I did into a house with a big lemon tree in the yard.   Having lived in …

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chocolate rolls on a white plate

Chocolate Rolls

Chocolate sweet rolls are the chocolate-lovers’ cinnamon rolls.  They are fluffy and have a rich deep flavored chocolate filling.  They also happen to be a completely dairy free dessert. These chocolate sweet rolls are cinnamon rolls and chocolate babka/rugelach’s  love child.  They have the same fluffy dough as my dairy free cinnamon rolls, but with …

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Blondies piled on a plate

Dairy Free Blondies

You will never need another Dairy Free Blondies recipe after you taste this one!  It is rich in sweet caramel flavor without being too sweet. These blondies are chewy and so good you’ll never miss or wonder what you’re missing with buttered ones.  I certainly don’t! To be honest, I’ve always been more of a …

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Birds eye view of Chocolate Rugelach Cake

Chocolate Rugelach Cake

This chocolate rugelach cake is made from dozens of rugelach and without any butter or cream cheese.  If you love rugelach, then this cake is everything you can hope for!   It is sweet, fluffy, and has rich chocolate filling.  Serve with coffee or tea for the perfect dessert. I love rugelach, whether they are …

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three dairy free cinnamon rolls on a white plate

Dairy Free Cinnamon Rolls

These cinnamon rolls are so sweet and cinnamony that you will never miss the dairy! Also, unlike most cinnamon rolls, these are incredibly light and fluffy. Serve them as a dessert or just treat yourself to one any time of day! Living in Israel, I’m surrounded by an amazing food culture with wonderful rich foods …

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Bridseye view of chocolate babka sprinkled with sesame seeds

Chocolate Babka

This chocolate babka is dairy free, but so good you’ll never miss the milk!  It’s cakey and filled with rich chocolate swirls and chopped walnut pieces.  Serve it with a cup of coffee or tea and you are sure to get raving reviews. Babka was brought to the States and Israel from Eastern European Jews. …

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chocolate chip banana cake with nuts on a white plate

Banana Cake with Oil

This banana cake is made with oil and without butter, milk, or buttermilk making it dairy free. You can make the recipe plain and it will be delicious, but I love adding chocolate chips and walnuts for an even better flavor. Growing up, we’d make this banana cake whenever bananas were in season.  While bananas …

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