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Israeli Side Dishes

bowl of pearl couscous on a white marble counter

Pearl Couscous

Pearl couscous or Israeli couscous is a traditional Israeli side dish.  Serve alongside a saucy main dish. I’ve eaten pearl couscous a lot when served as a side dish to hot lunch when I taught in Israeli schools.   I’ve even had it as part of an on flight meal leaving Israel. Needless to say, …

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Yellow mujadara piled on a plate


Mujadara is a popular side dish in Israel and throughout the Middle East made of rice and lentils topped with fried onions. Serve alongside chicken or meat. Mujadara is believed to have originated in modern day Iraq during the Middle Ages. It is also is said to have been inspired by lentil dish Jacob used …

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white rice in a white bowl on a marble counter

Israeli White Rice

Israeli white rice is much more flavorful than regular white rice and is never sticky but just as simple to make!  Serve on the side of meat, poultry, fish, a stir fry or as an addition to other Israeli classics. White rice is white rice right?  I thought so too, but I was wrong. When …

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israeli red rice in a white bowl

Israeli Red Rice

Israeli red rice is a delicious side that you will only find made in homes.  Add it to your table for a burst of color and delicious flavor.  Serve alongside chicken or meat. The first time I ate Israeli red rice was at my great aunt Chana’s house during a summer I spent in Israel. …

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Israeli rice and beans in a white bowl

Israeli Rice and Beans Recipe

Israeli rice and beans is a delicious savory dish flavored with cumin and sweet paprika.  It can be eaten on its own or as a side to complement meat or chicken. Israeli rice and beans was created by Sephardic Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem. Later, adopted by Jews across the country. To this …

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Yellow rice in a white bowl

Israeli Yellow Rice

Israeli yellow rice is a popular side dish in Israel. It’s even almost as common as Israeli white rice. It is most commonly served with chicken, meatballs, or fish alongside veggies. ,My family doesn’t sit down to eat together a lot, but when we do, there is yellow rice on the table.  Israeli white rice also …

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