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Israeli Food

Israeli food is known for it’s delicious flavor. Here you will find recipes for popular dishes include shawarma, hummus, falafel, and Israeli salad but you’ll also find much more.

This is a collection of real Israeli recipes brought to you by an actual Israeli-American.

Chicken shawarma on a plate with Israeli salad titled Israeli food recipes

If you’ve ever walked through the side paths of Machane Yehuda Market or eaten in an Israeli restaurant in Israel, you know that is a huge selection of Israeli food and that doesn’t even include home-styled food or restaurant cuisine.

What is Israeli Food?

Among American’s in Israel I often hear the debate of what qualifies as Israeli food.

As an Israeli-American I can tell you that it is food that is deeply rooted in Israeli food culture.

Israeli food, much like American food, is a blend of the many cultures that came with the immigrants. Is pizza Italian or American?

I’ve made the argument and own the case that it is at least as American as it is Italian.

Likewise, many foods in Israel are a deep part of the food culture but may or may not have originated in Israel.

Israel has been a safe haven for Jews all over the world.

More than anyone, it was a place for Jewish refuges when the countries they were born in kicked them out.

Along with them they brought their local foods.

Israel’s diverse cultural history also plays a part. This is especially true with foods popular in the Ottoman Empire.

Also, since the concept of countries in the Middle East is relatively new, much of the food culture is shared.

In fact, most Middle Eastern foods have little to no known origin and what is known is often speculation more than anything.

While Israel has a long history as being it’s own land and culture, being a important center for trade in the ancient world, food and ascetic were often influenced by imported goods.

As a result of all of these factors, “Israeli food” more often than not includes foods shared with other countries.

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