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Cooking Basics

Cocoa Powder for Baking

Cocoa powder used for baking has only been a modern development. It wasn’t until 1886 chocolate started being added to the cake batter. However, cocoa has been used for over 2,000 years, but mostly as a drink.  Cocoa was discovered in the New World and brought back to Spain by Cortés. It became a popular …

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Baking Soda vs Baking Powder

I’ve gotten a number of comments ask me questions about baking soda vs baking powder.  I’ve also noticed that if the wrong one is used, things don’t come out as they should.  Using baking soda instead of baking powder can give your recipe a terrible metallic taste, while using baking powder instead of baking soda …

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Baking with Oil

I personally do not follow a completely dairy free diet. However, I never bake with butter and all my baking is done with oil. All my desserts, muffins, and more are made using oil. In general, oil in baked goods makes for a superior texture than those made with butter.  Oil cakes tend to bake …

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Thumbnail of a raw chicken thigh

How to Debone a Chicken Thigh

You may be wondering why would you even want to debone a chicken thigh.  Actually, it is not as uncommon as you may think.  In Israel deboned chicken thighs are called pargiot and are often found at meals.  Usually they are grilled whole or cut and used for shish kebab, but they can also be stuffed …

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