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Dairy Free Southern Recipes

These dairy free Southern recipes bring South flavor right to your dairy free kitchen.

Generally speaking, Southern cuisine is tends to use a lot of butter and buttermilk.

This is because much of the South is hot so in the times before refrigeration milk soured quickly. Slightly soured milk was often used to make butter with the liquid remaining being called buttermilk.

Since the South was mostly filled with farmers, nothing could go to waste and both butter and it’s buttermilk were used.

This version of buttermilk became common in quick breads (when quick breads came along) because it’s acidity was needed to activate the baking soda.

With the invention of refrigeration sour milk became less common. In fact, when I was a little girl, my great-grandmother who grew up on a farm, used to leave milk out to make sour milk pancakes.

To replace once used buttermilk leftover from turning sour milk into butter, today’s version of buttermilk was created.

However, since these dairy free Southern recipes don’t use butter or buttermilk, they’re perfect for anyone lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy proteins.

Dairy free biscuits made with oil piled on a plate
Biscuits without milk
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Pieces of fried chicken without buttermilk
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