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Kosher Chinese Food

Kosher Chinese food at least as popular as Israeli food in Jewish neighborhoods. At least in New York.

I once heard a joke about to how much Jews love Chinese food. It went something like this:

According to the Hebrew calendar it is the year 5780 and according to the Chinese calendar it’s the year 4718. That means Jews went without Chinese food for 1,062 years; this time was called the Dark Ages.

Jews first started eating Chinese food because non-religious, but still traditional, knew that dairy isn’t used in making Chinese food dishes and pork dishes were clearly labeled. They also likely weren’t aware of oyster sauce being used.

This is also where the tradition Jews eating Chinese food on Christmas and go to a movie originated since they were the only things open.

The first mention of the Jewish population eating Chinese food was in 1899 and the first Kosher Chinese food restaurant was opened sixty years later.

Today, there are many kosher Chinese food restaurants that are frequented all year-round and especially on Christmas.


Wednesday 15th of December 2021

I create egg fu yong mixing chinese veggies, eggs , and a bit of flour. Fry in oil. Could be for Hanukkah too, I suppose. Serve with rice.


Thursday 23rd of December 2021

Good idea! Thanks for sharing :)

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