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Yellow rice in a white bowl

Israeli Yellow Rice

Israeli yellow rice is a popular side dish in Israel. It’s even almost as common as Israeli white rice. It is most commonly served with chicken, meatballs, or fish alongside veggies. ,My family doesn’t sit down to eat together a lot, but when we do, there is yellow rice on the table.  Israeli white rice also …

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a pile of roasted potatoes with rosemary on a white plate

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

These oven-roasted rosemary potatoes are filled with a deep rustic flavor and are extremely simple to make.  You can serve these potatoes to complement pretty much any savory dish whether it’s fish, poultry, or meat.  I love rosemary and really started using it while living in Israel.  Here you can find rosemary growing in front of …

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shakshuka in a cast iron pan

Israeli Shakshuka Recipe

Israeli Shakshuka is extremely easy to make, and this recipe is bound to impress. Shakshuka can be eaten any time of day and is perfect for brunch. In addition, this Israeli classic is filling, healthy, and incredibly low in calories. I love Shakshuka!  I love everything about it!  Really, what’s there not to love?  It’s easy …

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