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Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year but finding dairy free Thanksgiving recipes can be quite the challenge sometimes…

Every Thanksgiving table has its own unique family recipes that makes that table special.

When you have to replace classic dishes with dairy free or vegan it can be a challenge and the recipes aren’t always as good as the originals.

For me, the dishes at a holiday meal are as much a part of the experince as the people who I share it with.  This is why I made this great collection of dairy free Thanksgiving recipes.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving  for me without my Mom’s pumpkin pie.  So, I wanted you to have a selection of amazing traditional recipes that are dairy free and actually taste great to add to your family table.

These recipes include all the trimmings!  I have dairy free recipes for everything from the bird to the pie!

You want dairy free dinner rolls? I have a recipe for that.  You want a selection of diary free side dishes to choose from?  You got it.  You want your favorite dairy free Thanksgiving dessert?  You’re in luck!

Honestly, I am so obsessed with Thanksgiving I start thinking about it from the 4th of July.  My poor family is used to it.

Since starting the collection of recipes I am always trying to think of new recipes I can add to it.  Feel free to comment or email me with requests!