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Waste Not

All these recipes can use ingredients you’d otherwise toss out such as soft bananas, soft tomatoes, lemon peals, and more.

Lemon peals in a jar with sugar

Lemon Sugar

Lemon sugar is a flavorful way to repurpose lemon peels. Use it any way you’d use regular sugar to brighten up drinks and baked goods. Lemon sugar is a great way to use lemon zest.   Before squeezing lemons for lemonade I peel the zest off.   Then I use it to make lemon extract …

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Pieces of fried cornflake chicken on a white plate

Fried Cornflake Chicken

This fried cornflake chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  It is not only one of the most delicious chicken recipes I’ve ever tasted but a great way to use up stale cereal.     Fried chicken is one of my favorite foods.   I love everything about it from the crispy …

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Authentic Mexican rice in a white bowl on a white marble counter

Mexican Rice

This Mexican Rice is an authentic recipe which calls for only only a handful of ingredients.  It is simple to make and is a great side to many Mexican dishes. Serve with meat, chicken, or fish. Mexican rice or arroz Mexicano is very similar to arroz rojo (red rice), sometimes called Spanish rice.  In fact, …

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arroz rojo in a bowl on a marble counter

Arroz Rojo – Mexican Red Rice

Arroz Rojo, also known as Mexican red rice, is a classic Mexican side dish.  Serve alongside your favorite meat, chicken, or vegetarian Mexican dish.   When I first made arroz rojo I was a little worried that it would taste too similar to Israeli red rice that I wouldn’t be able to share it with you. …

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Three banana nut muffins on a white marble counter

Moist Banana Nut Muffins

The secrete ingredient that makes these banana nut muffins moist and tender is oil.  This also makes them dairy free. Banana nut muffins are my favorite type of muffin and I’m in love with these moist banana nut muffins.   Growing up my family used to have huge ones sitting on the kitchen table right …

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apple cores in a glass jar to make apple cider vinegar

How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar

Learn how to make apple cider vinegar at home with this easy recipe.  All you need are apple cores or scraps, water, sugar, and a clean jar. When it’s ready you can use it for recipes or it’s many health benefits. Apple cider vinegar is known for it’s abundance of health benefits and uses. It’s …

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Lemon peels with vodka in a glass jar to make pure lemon extract

How to Make Lemon Extract

Lemon extract is a great way to add flavor to your foods. While it is expensive to buy, it is easy and cheap to make quality extract at home. It is great to have on hand and a little goes a long way. In Israel you can find lemons pretty much everywhere.   It is …

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schmaltz and gribenes in a frying pan


Schmaltz is rendered chicken fat and has been essential to Eastern European Jewish cooking for centuries.  It is traditionally used for frying or spreading on bread but you can use it for so much more. Where Christian communities often used lard in their cooking like Southerners still do today, Jew’s had to improvise.   So, …

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